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16 April 2009 @ 03:48 pm

What are your plans for today?
work, then practice

What's for dinner?
prolly nothing

When's the last time you had to hold back tears?

Do you owe money to anyone?
everyone, it feels like

What did you do last night?
watched Bones, then AI

Do you have a common name?
yeah, pretty common

Why do you think people name their children after months/days of the year?
wednesday has that adams family ring to it

Are you creative?
very much so, to my own detriment most of the time

Have you ever been water skiing?
never been any kind of skiing

Snow skiing?

What is something/someone you will always stand up for & why?
child abuse, because they can't stand up for themselves

When's the last time someone scared you?
kind of scared right now, i wrote a letter to someone and i'm not sure what the reaction will be

Who's the last person that was at your house?
cow was over last night

What are you listening to right now?
not sure it's on my coworker's computer

Have you eaten marshamallows in the last few days?

What's to the left of you?
my computer, then my printer, then kendra

Do you own any plain, white undies?
wearing some right now, i soooo need to do laundry

If you were stranded on an island, who would you want with you?
a boy scout?

Do you work out?
yeah, roller derby

Who is the person you trust the least?
doesn't matter it's out of my control

Do you ever wish you could fly?
yeah, that'd be cool

Do you like amusement parks?
i guess, i'm so broke right now, that my first thought was OMG the food is too expensive

What's your favorite thing to dip your fries in?
ketchup or ranch

Do you like to color?
not my thing

Do you know any party poopers?
yeah, it's annoying

Do you always blame others for your problems?
not really, but i need help right now and have been unable to get it... nevermind

What kind of milk do you drink?
2 %

Can you admit when you're wrong?

Do you take vitamins daily?
nope, pretty antivitamin

Do you know anyone with a panty collection?
besides tom jones?

Do people think you're weird?
there are no 2 of me in the world

Have you ever pole danced?
i've pole danced, danced on bars, danced in a cage...

Do you have little teeth?
some are little

Who is your favorite person?
i have several

Who is your least favorite person?
depends on the moment

Do you usually tell people how you really feel?
working on it :}
09 April 2009 @ 04:03 pm

A couple of years ago I worked for a wonderful Doctor. Not that the one I wok for now is bad, but there was something special about Dr. Owen. He was 76 years old, a cardiologist, antique book collector, and one of the finest men I have ever known. I had never worked for a doctor before, so he taught me the best way to take blood pressure and pulse. There were constant questions coming in from patients and he would answer them in his own time.

Everything he did was in his own time. He took as long as he wanted with patients. Sometimes he would be in the room for 2 hours, yet the patients that were waiting never complained. Even when he would get an emergency at the hospital and we would have to reschedule, the patients never minded. They would say, “It’s ok, I would want the same thing if it was me in the hospital.”

I could talk to him about absolutely anything. And after he became my doctor I did. Nothing ever surprised him, and he always had the right answer. He was one of those people that could look at a person and diagnose problems, before they even said anything. He found my uncle’s kidney cancer because something looked unusual on a chest xray.

He saved his life.
He saved my Dad's life when he had a heart attack.
He saved my grandfather's life 20 years ago, but that didn't last.
He saved my life on many many occasions, but not medically.

During one of our conversations he looked at me and said “You’re a very compulsive person aren’t you Amy?”

I had never heard something like that before, so I asked “Do I have OCD?”

He said, “No, you’re not obsessive. And if it interfered with your life and happiness, that would make it a problem. But I don’t think it does. I think you are just compulsive.”

He, as always, was absolutely right.

As I cleaned the glass and background of my copy machine today I heard his voice in my head. And as I made blank copies to straighten out some papers, I laughed to myself. Definitely compulsive.

02 April 2009 @ 12:46 pm

My obsession with vampires has come full circle.

It started when I was about 10 and read Anne Rice for the first time. Since then I’ve read and watched anything and everything I could get my hands on about them. The list is enormous and includes (cringe) comic books, Bufy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, even the Blade trilogy and the newest… Twilight.

I just bought the second book “New Moon” yesterday. Since the first book had the first chapter of the second I started out on page 30. I tried to read at lunch yesterday, but I kept getting interrupted. So, when I went home I opened it up and started reading.

What happened next probably happens to a lot of women, although with children instead of their boyfriend. I would get maybe a page of reading in before someone is poking me.

“Nerd, why are you reading that?”

“Because I enjoy it”


I’d go back to reading. Get maybe another page.

“When I was 3 I read Steven King during church. It was cool, everyone was listening to the preacher and I was getting my ass scared off. I‘ve read everything he ever wrote. He said that book sucks”


I stick my nose back in the book. The phone rings.

“Yeah Karma’s mad at me, ‘cause I listened to her records… yeah, totally mad… ha ha April Fool’s… Yeah we’ll come by in about a half an hour.”

“You got a half hour nerd”

Since there’s no way I can get into my book, I sigh and continue reading, considering going into my room where I can read in peace. However my sigh meant I’d given up. And 20 minutes later I was informed I needed to go visit My Cow.

We took a walk over there and hung out for a bit. But I kept thinking about what I was reading and was trying to plot my escape. I found my opportunity and took it. Cow is playing 2 shows tonight and needed an audience.

“Here, take him and I can go read my book”

I escaped back to my apartment and finally got to get into my new book.


And then he breaks up with her, leaving her crying in the woods?


At this point I’m mad at twilight, but of course that won’t last very long. I’m also looking forward to doing laundry (huh?) so that I can actually read without interruptions.


Cheese and rice!

What’s a nerd to do?

19 February 2009 @ 04:22 pm

I went to see the Reverend Horton Heat last night at the Tower Theatre. I love Rockabilly music. I actually learned to Swing Dance a few years back (when that was all the rage.) Robin, Todd and I took a class and had a great time. Of course every time we were out and a little a lot drunk Todd and I would try to perform the “Baby Doll.” I would jump into his arms, he would swing my legs around his back, then he would grab my legs around the knees, and then swing the rest of me around and catch me in front. It looks really cool and it’s a lot of fun, however my head was literally inches from the ground. I could have knocked myself out many a time. I’m still surprised that I never got a concussion.


We had some friends in the class and that part was great. Of course there were some older people too. They didn’t really want to learn lifts. I remember one older man that would probably break in half if I jumped into his arms. There was three of us and the partner thing was always an issue. But I ended up dating our instructor. (yeesh, oh the things I would change.) The dance school offered us a class on lifts and we took it. We ended up doing a demonstration at the Tower Theatre.

We got all dressed up, and did the show. Robin and I got vintage dresses with petticoats, the guys did the fedora/trousers with suspender type thing. They couldn’t pay us, but we got all the champagne we could drink (tee hee.)

When I went to the show last night I kept remembering those times. I guess especially with the music, the greasers, and the endless Bette Paige bangs it brought all those good times back.

I was telling Dawnell and Todd (a different one) about that and the time I got to see Mike Ness at the Tower Theatre. I got to meet him backstage and he kissed me on my cheek... (sigh) The dressing rooms are tiny and we were all crammed together. It had been a whirlwind getting there on time, and seeing the show. I’m sure I probably drank a beer or two during the show, so by the time we went backstage I wasn’t feeling too well. The band had pizza (Little Ceasar’s, I think) and after I met Mike Ness, I wandered over to the pizza and the band. I must have looked peaked because they offered me some. I probably would have passed out had I not had some sustenance, so I was really grateful.

Now I have more memories to add to the tower theatre collection, the backstage Betty in me saw the tour bus last night and I inadvertently started wandering in that direction. Old habits die hard I guess. I wasn’t in any better shape last night than I was for the Mike Ness show, so I kept walking (my feet were killing me, I hadn’t eaten all night, I had a headache and I was exhausted.)

It was a sign of a good time had.

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13 February 2009 @ 01:29 pm
I'm supposed write a short bio on myself for work, so i decided to open this blog account to practice. it seems easy enough, talk about myself. i definitely have enough material. I play roller derby,  i'm very active in the community, i go out alot and see bands, shows, hang out with friends. But this bio is kind of different. i work for a doctor and he's decided to start advertising an a local network. i've already had my still picture taken. i'm supposed to write this thing, and then they want to interview me.

I'm not really nervous, i've done public speaking before, been on tv  for roller derby. But that's diffrent. I was Karma Kaze. Tough Roller girl extraordinaire. These people want to interview Amy, the Medical Assistant. There's a HUGE difference.

Amy could never play Roller Derby, she'd be to worried about hurting someone.
Karma could never work for a doctor, she's too rough and tough.

Can you tell I'm a Gemini?

Duality gives me a sense of completeness, does that make sense?

I live in Fresno, in the Tower District. I've lived in the same area (with a 3 month exception) since i was 18. I've lived in my apartment since 1997. (I hate moving.) i live with my boyfriend, a transplant from Oklahoma, 2 cats, and now a dog. We want a Jack Russell Terrier, but haven't been able to find one. Monday a girl i skate with asked if someone could dogsit for a month and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get into the "dog owner lifestyle."  It's been quite a transition for a cat person like myself, but Ruby is a really sweet, smart dog.